Refereed Journal Articles

Sutton, K. G., Busby, J. R., Kelly, D.P. (in press). Multicopter design challenge. The Technology Teacher.

Kelly, D.P. (2015). Overcoming barriers to classroom technology integration. Educational Technology, 55(2), 40-43.

Refereed Proceedings:

Ernst, J.V., Williams, T.O., Clark, A.C., & Kelly, D.P. (2016). Psychometric properties of the PSVT:R outcome measure: A preliminary study of introductory engineering design graphics. Published proceedings of the Engineering Design Graphics Division of the American Society of Engineering Education’s 70th Midyear Conference, Daytona Beach, FL, Session 1, 10-15.


Kelly, D. P. (2014). Falling down: A teenager’s true story of redemption. Durham, NC: Author.

Manuscripts under Review or Revision

Ernst, J. V., Williams, T. O., Kelly, D. P. & Clark, A. C. (under review). Factors of spatial visualization: An analysis of the PSVT:R. Engineering Design Graphics Journal.

Ernst, J. V., Williams, T. O., Clark, A.C., Kelly, D. P. & Sutton, K. (under review). K-12 STEM educator autonomy: An investigation of school influence and classroom control. Journal of STEM Education.

Kelly, D.P. (under review). Khan Academy: A justification for future research. Meridian.

Kelly, D.P. (under review). Khan Academy as supplemental instruction: A controlled study of a computer-based mathematics intervention. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning.

Other Papers/Reports

Kelly, D. P. (2014). Tutoring in higher education: Effectiveness of structured programs. Report prepared for North Carolina Central University: Centennial Scholars Program.

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